Gülnur Özdağlar

Gülnur Özdağlar studied architecture at the Middle East Technical University and has been active as an architect since she graduated in 1986.

She has participated in architectural design competitions, together with various groups, and many of her designs have been recognized with prizes. In addition to being active as an architect, she has also worked in the graphic design and photography fields, and many of these projects have been published in foreign countries in magazines and books.

She has received prizes in international competitions of digital art.In the years around 2000-2004 she held five collective exhibitions with the “TemaYokTema” group, while with the “FormatD” group she did projection presentations and several personal exhibits.

Since 2008 she has been producing cups, jewellery and home decoration accessories by recycling PET bottles.  She collects, heats, cuts, melts, drill holes into and reshapes PET bottles.  She thinks that the real solution is “upcycling” rather than plain recycling.

Her aim is to substitute with labour and artistic value the characteristics that the material loses during transformation, thus obtaining a product of higher value.  Her aim is also to obtain objects from things that have been discarded that are so beautiful, that we would want to wear or exhibit them, thus underlining the importance of “recycling” and encouraging it.  In this way she provides her own personal answer to the problem of rcycling.

She believes that in the future there will be a plastic material that will not proceed from the cradle to the grave, but that will return to the cradle with no loss, thus giving rise to a new plastic material, that this will “determine the way shapes are created” and that the real problem will not be recycling, and not even upcycling, but “karmic compensation”.

In other words she believes that there will be a better world.